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HSI surpasses competitors’ results by utilizing proprietary data-driven performance platforms, Powered by HSI solutions of real-time claims tracking tools, compliance-ensuring measures and time-saving processes, along with a dedicated team with decades of experience.

Why HSI?

Why HSI?


HSI Air combines cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts to help air ambulance companies maximize their revenue.

HSI Ground

Designed specifically for ground ambulance companies, HSI Ground builds on the innovation and results of HSI Air’s success to meet the unique needs and challenges inherent of the ground industry.

Discover what makes HSI so effective

Discover what makes HSI so effective

Experienced and dedicated team

HSI prides itself on hiring the most talented and experienced personnel within the industry. HSI empowers and provides resources to their employees with thorough training and a dynamic set of tools to ensure that every client receives the highest level of performance, premier customer service and responsive support available.

Data-driven performance plan

The HSI Performance Platform tracks and analyzes every claim, reimbursement, patient, payer, and recovery action, while simultaneously identifying the most effective next steps for each claim and payer type based on proven historical data. Once the claim or payer type is identified, the HSI Performance Platform can then implement the most effective path to payment, customizing dozens and dozens of actions to ensure the greatest return.

Forward-thinking compliance tools

In today's ever-changing legal and regulatory climate, maximum reimbursement alone isn't enough to ensure success. HSI works hand-in-hand with policy and legal teams to stay current on the regulatory landscape and ensure that every claim is in full compliance. This allows HSI to provide clients with unparalleled confidence in their billing process.

Industry-leading transparency and reporting

The HSI team provides clients powerful real-time data. The HSI team will work with clients to review and analyze data and their entire revenue cycle. Utilizing the power of data and HSI's reporting strengths provides confidence-building transparency and critical trend and performance analysis that will maximize strategies for continued optimization, growth and success.

Time-saving technology

HSI provides clients with a unique set of communications, tools, technology, and support to enhance collection cycles, to save time and to optimize resources. HSI's services combine technology and experience to identify discrepancies, errors, and issues before they arise to ensure claims move forward with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Results and performance-driven pricing

HSI's technology, forward-thinking approach, and experienced teams consistently produce real results for our clients. The HSI team is dedicated to a results-oriented approach and will work with you to analyze billing opportunities and challenges. HSI will assist in the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance improvement benchmarks.

Case Studies

Case Studies


This air transport company had issues with documentation timeliness and quality that affected financial performance. HSI utilized our Performance Platform to automate document management, identify process improvement opportunities, and reduce denials by 85%. Additionally the Performance Platform allowed HSI staff to increase the collection rate by 25%. Bottom line: $1600 INCREASE PER TRANSPORT.


This ground transport company could not get accurate claims out the door quickly. Our Performance Platform combined with our experienced staff reduced the submission time and denial rate by 80% which led to an increase in revenue and cash flow. Bottom line: $1.2 MILLION REVENUE INCREASE PER YEAR and a 7-DAY DECREASE IN DSO.



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